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Insurance Lead Generation Pilot Program

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The Insurance Inbound Lead Generation Pilot Program is designed to be scalable, sustainable, cost-effective, flexible, and measurable. 


Once you’re ready to get started, we’ll work through complete setup of analytics, landing pages, advertising accounts, targeting, and creative. With your approval, the lead generation campaign will officially launch and start targeting your ideal prospects with relevant advertising to drive them into your landing pages to take action. 


The duration of the lead generation campaign is three months in total. The first month includes analytics setup and campaign buildout, with ads running for months two and three.


The total cost of the three month lead generation campaign is $4,500.


Campaign targeting can support any insurance product, including health insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, or specialty insurance such as cannabis. 


Expect measurable results! The cost per lead will of course vary depending on the products, geography, and other targeting criteria, but you will receive around 500 – 1,000 visitors to your landing pages from the campaign. Within 3 months you’ll have a clear understanding of the cost per lead for your campaign. 

Ready to generate insurance leads for your agency? 

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